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Meghan Rosseel


I’m a recent graduate with a three-year Advanced Diploma in Marketing and a passion for data and analytics. I bring to the table over six years of experience working as an esthetician, granting me a unique set of analytical and interpersonal skills. Working with clients & businesses allowed me to develop and hone my relationship management skills while highlighting the importance of clear, concise communication. 

I have a strong interest in data and analytics; I enjoy conducting research & analysis, and generating informative reports (Check out one example here.

I’m excited to bring my distinct set of skills and passion for data-driven marketing to a new role – I can be reached through email or LinkedIn.

I look forward to connecting!


Project Experience

  • TikTok

In my final semester I launched a TikTok page for skin care products that are available for purchase in Canada after finding that there was a considerable shortage of credible Canadian beauty influencers online covering the topic. The project ran 10 days, from November 3rd, 2022, to November 13th, 2022. My plan for the digital project was bring attention to my favourite products as a former esthetician, and to expand my knowledge and understanding of the platform for future campaign uses.

Development & Sharing

Creating my TikTok skin care channel was a rollercoaster with many ups and downs that ultimately taught me the value of in-depth research and analyzation of data, acute attention to detail, and consistency in order to effectively reach my target audience on social media platforms, specifically TikTok. I really enjoyed the video creation aspect of the project and the ability to express myself and develop an identifiable style or brand for my content. Posting to TikTok was a different story. When it came to editing and uploading my content to TikTok, I faced many challenging hurdles, including issues with the editing software not saving my edits, lost work from the app crashing during the editing/uploading process, and videos that seemingly disappeared with no explanation as to where they went or why. While this process was challenging, I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn from these issues and developed a few fail-safe techniques to avoid the issues from repeating and causing problems down the line.

Analysis & Evaluation

After development and sharing, my next steps were to monitor and analyze the success of each post in order to learn what worked and what to use again in future content, and what didn't work or needed improvement going forward. Monitoring analytics for my content consisted of checking TikTok Analytics, built right into the platform, and comparing the views, likes, shares, and overall interaction on each video. In my analyzation, I determined that videos that featured my face performed the best by a sizable margin (my best-performing video featured my face and has attained 541 views today compared to the next-best-performing video with 234 views), so I plan to feature myself and my face in my content more often to tap into this potential and grow my page further.

Project Research

At the start of the process, I researched my target audience (Canadian women, age 25-35), their psychographics (passion for skin care, practises yoga/meditation, tries to keep healthy), and their behaviours (active & follows skin care trends on TikTok, purchases products through affiliate links, active online primarily in the evenings and weekends). My research also included current trends and best practices in the skin care industry, specifically for TikTok, since it was found to present the strongest opportunity for growth in Canada.


My next step was to develop a proposal to define the problem, display my research, and detail my target audience's demographics, psychographics, geographics, and behaviours. My proposal also outlined the tech and tools that would be needed, the steps and time-cost expected, and how I planned to evaluate the project's success.


The final step in my project was to measure the results of the project; at the project's conclusion, I had achieved 1,072 total video views (best-performing video accounting for over 50% of the total views), 15 total likes, 3 comments, and 1 share.

Developed & Enhanced Skills

My takeaway from this project has been invaluable, allowing me to gain and augment my digital marketing skills, teaching me how to overcome issues that I otherwise wouldn't have considered without this experience. Skills that I was able to develop and enhance include: - High-quality content creation - Video development and editing - Effective use of media to enhance content - Solid understanding of TikTok's algorithm and best practices - Ability to find creative solutions to unexpected issues/challenges - Effective time-management - Acute attention to detail

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